Complete Asthma Management

Track your child’s symptoms and medication, and easily share their lung health data with your healthcare professional.

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Featuring a comfortable, rechargeable, flexible wearable that can be worn discreetly both day and night.

The Leo platform offers the complete user experience

Continuous monitoring, so you don’t have to

Leo is an adhesive bandage-like wireless patch sensor that monitors the lung function of your child with hospital-grade accuracy.

It seamlessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth® to provide you with actionable insights that may prevent serious exacerbations for your child.

Pending FDA-Approval
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Continuous Monitoring 

Capture medical grade data and
continuously monitor your child’s
symptoms, lung health and
respiratory function, during use.

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Advanced Analytics 

A proprietary machine learning
based, predictive analytics algorithm
allows for early detection of an
asthma exacerbation.

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Trusted Accuracy 

Undergoing validation with leading
respiratory pediatricians, to ensure
the clinical accuracy that both you
and your physician can trust.

“Visual indicators of symptoms only begin to show up once lung function drops by 30%​. We need to get access to preventative data much earlier.”

Chief of Respiratory Medicine Division - Children’s Hospital

A new age for asthma management

Leo aims to disrupt the antiquated means used to manage asthma through continuous monitoring.

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While existing devices involve difficult to perform spot checks (Spirometry & FeNo readings) or indirect, incomplete measurements of lung health such as wheezing and coughing, Leo continuously monitors accurate respiration rate and pulmonary function in children, 24/7 at home.

A predictive analytics algorithm then analyses and interprets breathing patterns associated with respiratory function, to measure and track respiratory-related health risks associated with asthma exacerbations. The risk indicator is then transformed into actionable insights that are made available to you through the Leo clinician portal.

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